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Ram Dham
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 ॐ जय श्री राम  ॐ जय श्री राम ॐ जय श्री राम ॐ जय श्री राम ॐ जय श्री राम ॐ जय श्री राम ॐ जय श्री राम ॐ जय श्री राम
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Dispensary and Hospital

We want to make a big hospital in the city that nobody dies ( accepty the poor people ) because nowdays this profession is also becoming a earning business, so nobody is now believing in doctors, so we just want to change the mind . The treatment through administration of medicines depends on the nature of the individuals body and its physical condition, Medicines and care is the most ancient form of treatment and perfect science by itself holding good even today. Allopatic medicines are very carefully compounded to suit the patient and treat without any side effect. The treatment is such that it removes the cause of illness from its roots not just by suppressing it. A diagnostic treatment and health care center will be set up which primarily use medicines and others natural modes of treatment.

The hospital will have 50 beds, I.C.U. O.T. 24 hours services and every service, which a good hospital should have, Those who wish to enrich and improve their health can avail of this facility. The hospital will also have dispensary with an out patient department for those who want to consult doctors at hospitals .


Full Time Services

General Physician
E.N.T Surgeon
Ortho Surgeon
Dental Surgeon

Visiting Specialties

Skin Specialist
Plastic surgeon

In This dispensary main support by Radha Rani Ramesh Khandelwal.

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