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Ram Dham
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 ॐ जय श्री राम  ॐ जय श्री राम ॐ जय श्री राम ॐ जय श्री राम ॐ जय श्री राम ॐ जय श्री राम ॐ जय श्री राम ॐ जय श्री राम
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Ved Vidyalaya

Unlike the Rishikul, which will produce Sanskrit scholars a Gurukul will also be set up

a). to impart modern education in the English language, to produce professionals. In today’s society one gets good engineers, doctors, lawyers but it is seen that somewhere on their way to graduation the humanism in them is lost. Hence with this Tapovan system the aim of the Ved Vidyalaya be to produce students with a strong cultural foundation who later while practicing their profession would do so with humanism and remain committed to the over all well being of humanity.

b). People who would strive to make a difference for the better and not just continue to exist.

c). People who would perform deeds and get satisfaction from them that their life has been meaningful.

The education at the Ram Dham Ashram will be based on Sanskrit and will also lay stress on grammar as a subject. Grammar is the fundamental base and foundation of any language. Any priest performing religious rituals or prayers, a teacher, a preacher whichever role one adopts, if his grammar is not good enough he would not be able to recite any verses correctly, only correct grammar can enable a person to speak correct Sanskrit and scriptures with correct hymns. Bhaishri notices that these days grammar is believed to be a dry subject and hence it’s importance has been minimised. Since grammar is difficult, Bhaishri does not wish the very base to become weak and hence wants students to take up this subject to become Aacharyas and not directly through Vedanta, which is an easier route. Bhaishri wishes to preserve the Vedas in their original and basic forms, which he thinks can be done if his students know grammar well. He says if one masters grammar one is able to master any other stream of knowledge and excel in it. Bhaishri feels that if people were to say that if one wants to learn grammar one should go to Ved Vidyalaya, then undoubtedly, the importance of both grammar and Sanskrit will rise.


Graduates of Ved Vidyalaya are leading in all activities and are recognized as good Brahmins, priests, teachers, professors and kathakaars (who recite religious epics). Aacharyas of Sandipani are being called upon by various organisations in India as well as abroad for becoming priests in temples, give discourses, become teachers and conduct religious sacrifices. The students of Ved Vidyalaya are gaining reputation and prestige and are preferred over others anywhere.

The students of Sandipani excel in four different types of activities both in India and abroad.

1. Teachers and professors
2. Priests in India and abroad
3. Kathakaars
4. Karma kaand (religious crifices)

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